Sticker Motion - Share your stickers emotion and emoticons (page 3)

Yuttari Dragon

Adorable dragon comes to entertain you, with funny and cute expression. They will enliven your conversations, find this sticker

Waddles Holiday

Holidays have arrived, surely you will be happy, that is why this sticker created, Waddles Holiday for facebook sticker,

Text Talk

This is awaited, practical sticker and replacement text. We don’t have to bother for typing something but just tap

Tuzki Stickers

Animated characters that very adorable, so you will not get bored making substitutes as your emotions on the chat

Soccer Scarves (G-U)

This is the next sequel, fans look back again and spaciousness, don’t miss it. hurry up to join and

Soccer Scarves (A-F)

Wow.. this is a recommended collection, various characters soccer supporters. I suggest you do not miss this one. Soccer

Ruby Sticker For Facebook

Ruby facebook stickers, make this cute stickers close with your other collections, until your chat box looks crowded and

Día de los Muertoons

They look like zombies, funny zombies indeed. Imagine if you using their emoticon while holloween day? certainly it was


NuaNia is very funny cat sticker. You certainly know, how cute a cat pet is? its behavior, its fur,

Snoopy’s Harvest

This time for a very popular legend sticker. Everybody knows snoopy. In age 70th snoopy being top ranked of

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