Sticker Motion - Share your stickers emotion and emoticons (page 4)

Mr. Baldy & Friends

The funniest faces emoticons that existed on facebook ever. Mr.brad with his friend was showing cute characters. Here you


The Oakley Facebook Stickers by Shiu Pei Luu, yes the real owl with funny eyes looking at you. Most

On the Move

Here the striker that allows you continue to act in the conversation, when you traveling and busy on your


Kawaii.. !!!! That Japanese said. This sticker really “kawai” or other word is “cute”, isn’t it? Chirp your heart

Blue Cat

This cute sticker edition is adorable, they are so blue and pleasing. their wide eyes made the stickers to

Sinister Oyster

The shells that cute to be the friends of your conversation, Sinister Oyster now comes with funny shapes, strange

Soccer Stickers

The unique sticker by Ghostbot, has entered in ranks of the best facebook stickers. you would be interested for

Love is in the Air

See the collection of these stickers, aren’t they very attractive? so, update your facebook chat boximmediately! They have selected

Elf Stickers

Recomanded!!, You have to add this cute emoticon characters. Look at them, so many variations to choose. They are

Adventure Time

This is a cartoon that was on the top line of animated children’s popular movies. Finally, Cartoon Network has

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