Facebook Stickers


An awesome sticker is now present on facebook. SpongeBob sticker will stay in making cute perform of emoticon to

Stella Supernova

Feel the sensation of space. Today, the beautiful character by Pei Shiu Luu is telling you about habit of

The Dam Keeper

Well, here is one of the cute facebook sticker collection for you. Are you have it? don’t be waiting

Yes We Code

The stickers of this one is related about programing. They are match for you that like the program coding. As

Bigli Migli

The sticker that you rarely to see, such like the scarecrow look and more unique. This is not that

Sunny Eggy

Simple character of the stickers are truly captivating, you’ll see something that you frequently meet in your daily life.


Yarukizero sticker for facebook come to entertain all of you, get this unique characters soon on facebook stickers and

The Pixar Pack

Continuous, dedicated sticker mix from pixar to you. they are cartoon characters from Pixar which has been chosen to

Sugar Cubs

The characters are really interesting. Always show funny and cute appearance,so immediately get them on the list of facebook

Power Rangers

This is one certainly the unforgetable characters, Power Rangers for facebook sticker by SCG Power Rangers. The heroes from